When it came time to find a new piano teacher for our daughter we knew it had to be someone who would help light her passion for music. Ms. Lily inspires a love for music backed up with good technique and theory. Her passion and enthusiasm shines and touches the students. My daughter loves the customized lessons, and the computer theory is actually fun. We look forward to many more lessons with her.
— Tiffany Nash, Cartersville
I have been taking lessons from Ms. Lily for two years, and in this short amount of time she has helped me to become an entirely new pianist, both technically and stylistically. Ms. Lily has shown me that piano should be a hobby and a passion - not a hassle. She makes learning music fun and exciting. I would highly recommend her studio.
— Sarah Burgess, Age 16, Canton
Lily always comes up with creative ways to help me learn my piano pieces. Whether it’s singing or a rhyme, it always works. She coaches me step by step until I can finally put my whole piece together.
— Lexi Allen, Age 12, Canton
My daughters (18 and 11) have been taking piano lessons with Lily for almost 4 years now and I am very pleased and impressed with their progress. Lily’s love of music has inspired my children to engage with music and do their best at piano. I would highly recommend her services as her professionalism is impeccable.
— Patricia Hughes, Canton
My daughter was one of Lily’s first students, and it’s been a real pleasure watching her learn and grow these many years and to see her shine when she earned her first Superior Rating and was awarded Outstanding Theorist at the Solo Festival. Through Lily’s summer camp, my daughter found she had a real passion for composing music. Now my son is old enough to start lessons with Lily. I’m certain teaching my daughter and my son are very different experiences for Lily, but I can see that’s she’s prepared for the challenges of teaching my young, active son!
— Susan Dugas, Canton